Simon is a fifth generation funeral director with over 40 years experience in the industry. Living next door to the family funeral home and helping his father in the business from an early age of 13, Simon soon developed a love of both the industry and his forefathers’ commitment to it.

Simon Mulqueen – Funeral Industry History

1976Starts helping his father in the family business (after school and weekends)
1980Begins full time work as a funeral director
1981Simon arranges his first funeral
1985Simon establishes the Victorian Independent Funeral Directors Association (VIFD)
1996Appointed General Manager of Mulqueen Family Funeral Group (MFFG)
1999Appointed to the Cemetery Act Review Committee (Kennett Government Committee).
2000Following the death of his father Peter Mulqueen in 1999, Simon takes over Peter’s 25% holding in the Family Business and is appointed Managing Director of the MFFG.
2003Simon appointed Secretary of the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA, 2003-2006).
2006He was elected President of the National Funeral Directors Association (2006-2008)
2006Simon sells his 25% share holding in the Funeral Businesses – Mulqueen and Sons (Bendigo) and Napier Park Funerals, to focus on his own Ballarat-based business, F. W. Barnes & Son.
2008Simon was appointed to the Funeral Industry Ministerial Advisory Council (FIMAC) (2008-2011) (Vic. Government Committee under the Brumby Government).
2012 Simon establishes a new Funeral Home in Bendigo – Bendigo Funerals, at Miller St. Flora Hill.
2016 Simon sells F W Barnes & Son, Ballarat to ASX Listed Propel Funeral Partners.
Simon and Sue Mulqueen and their family; Murdoch Mulqueen, Eilish Mulqueen, Harrison Mulqueen & Ethan Mulqueen