The aim of our business is simple - to provide quality service, with a focus on personal attention, and reasonable prices.

Bendigo Funerals is a family business wholly owned and operated by Simon and Susan Mulqueen, and we are committed to professional funeral-care for the Bendigo community.

We strive to assist Bendigo families at a time when they are looking for guidance and support from funeral directors who know what they are doing and who care about their client family's needs.

It is our view that funerals are individual and should focus on the celebration of life. Many aspects of the funeral can be designed to reflect the meaningful elements of the lives of those we have lost.

Service Streaming

Simon Mulqueen

Managing Director Fifth generation funeral director. Simon Mulqueen has been assisting Bendigo Families with funeral arrangements for most of his life and continues a family tradition six generations strong. With over 40 years personal experience in the funeral industry, Simon is Bendigo's most experienced funeral director.


A tribute for a Life Lived

When your emotions are running high and the words won't come, placing a notice or paying tribute to a loved one is now simpler for you to share, with a post on Life Lived.

NFDA code of practice

Members of the NFDA will ensure that every detail of the funeral service is attended to as requested by the family. Their role is to guide the family through the arrangements in a caring and understanding manner..